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Resources can be a teachers greatest asset.  Using resources like the ones listed below can make a teacher’s job so much easier and not as time consuming.  As a soon to be first year teacher, I understand that that first year will be incredibly hectic.  By taking advantage of these resources, I will be able to engage students in learning and keep my sanity.
 This site has numerous resources targeted towards literacy and language arts resources.  It includes help for launching units of study and has been shown to be extremely helpful for teachers that teach using Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop, Guided Reading.

This site has thousands of resources devoted to lesson plans, projects, and even has units of study.  The only problem is this is not a free site. However, the money goes straight to other teachers so we can all help each other out!

This site has some awesome science experiments that will capture students interest and leave them begging for more!! Although it is actually a blog targeted towards parenting, this site does have some invaluable resources for teachers.



This site is primarily targeted towards special education, but also has some great resources for general education classroom teachers.  My favorite resource on this site are the brain breaks!

This site is all about apps that speech pathologists (or general ed classroom teacher) can use to help students with their disabilities.  It gives lots of resources that are easy to find and free!!

This site is so incredibly awesome!! There are hundreds of free printables that work great for morning work, holidays, and extra credit activities.  You can print as many as you want and did I mention it is all FREE!!

This is an awesome blog that provides a lot of tips for both teachers and parents.  She also provides free access to the materials she uses like personal report cards, conference reminders, and folder covers so anyone can use them!


This site lists over 100 websites that are awesome for teachers. They are divided into categories so you don’t have to take the time to search through all of them to find one that would fit for your grade level.  Furthermore, they are also divide into subjects so you can narrow your search even more!

This awesome blog has loads of free printables that are just a click away! They are also free!!! She also blogs frequently about projects and lessons she does in class, so you have even more resources to use in your class!



This site is a great resource, in fact, it’s one of my mom’s favorites! Dr. Jean is an amazing educator and all of her ideas are collected here in one central location. She has printables, slideshows, songs and many other resources any teacher can use!

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